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Hand-dyed and handwoven with 100% wool, this twin-size blanket measures 53" x 92" and is artisan-made in the USA. Crafted on our four-harness floor loom, it features a 2-ply worsted weight wool warp and a soft bulky yarn weft, resulting in an incredibly warm and soft blanket. Perfect for cuddling up as a wrap or using on your twin bed, each blanket is machine-washed on the cold, handwash cycle after being removed from the loom. This process "fulls" the wool, enhancing its softness and warmth. A wonderful addition to keep you cozy during the cold months! Easy to care for, simply machine wash on the handwash cycle with cold water.


Product: #TW120 Handwoven Hand-dyed Wool Twin Blanket

Measurements: 53" x 92" (+4” Fringe, but can also be finished with a hemmed edge)

Color: Hand-dyed Brown with Cranberry Red stripes

Care: Machine wash on handwash or delicate cycle with cold water. Dry by “blocking” pulling it into shape, and lay flat or hang to dry.

Handmade in the U.S.A.


**Wool blankets make the perfect unique and thoughtful gift**

Handwoven Wool Twin Blanket | Red-Brown

SKU: TW120
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