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Handwoven 100% Wool Open in the Front Poncho/Wrap- Natural Cream with Emerald Green stripes - Artisan -  Handwoven and hand dyed with 100% wool. One Size Fits All/Unisex. It is incredibly warm and soft. It can be used against the cold weather outside or to just cuddle up with as a blanket wrap. It is made for you on our four harness floor loom. The warp is a 2 ply worsted weight wool and the weft or filler is a soft Bulky yarn. When taken off the Loom, each Poncho is machine washed on the Cold, Handwash Cycle. This "Fulls" the wool to make it very Soft and Warm. Each poncho is one-on-a-kind, soft and easy to wear. A wonderful addition to His or Her wardrobe to keep you warm in the cold months!! Our Ponchos are easy to care for, Machine Wash on the Handwash Cycle with Cold Water andMade in the USA Free Shipping


SKU: PF 102
Expect ship date to be 2-4 week from order date. Special orders 2-4 weeks ship date.
  • Our open front Poncho is Handwoven with 100% Wool. One Size Fits All. It is incredibly Warm and Soft. It can be used against the Cold weather outside or to