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Wool Scarf, 9" x 78", Handwoven, 100% wool, Twill Pattern design, Blue with natural cream, Artisan Made in the USA Free Shipping


  • This one of a kind wool scarf is handwoven in a twill pattern design. It is handwoven with 100% wool. It is incredibly warm and soft and a wonderful addition to your wardroom. It is 78" long and 9" wide with a variegated blue and natural cream color. A striking, unique scarf when the weather gets cold. It is made for you on our four harness floor loom. The warp is a single ply wool and the weft or filler is a 2ply yarn. When taken off the loom, each wool scarf is machine washed on the Cold, Hand-wash Cycle. This "Fulls" the wool to make it very soft and warm. Our wool scarves are easy to care for, Machine Wash on the Hand-wash Cycle with Cold Water and Hang to Dry.