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Hand Spun, Hand Dyed, 100% Wool Artisan Yarn,Light Pine Green cc72, Sport Weight Avg. 190 Yards, Wool from Coopworth and Wensleydale Sheep


  • My Hand Spun and Hand Dyed Yarn is Single Ply made with Long Wool from my Coopworth and Wensleydale cross Sheep. The Long Wool gives it a nice sheen and makes it very soft and strong. The wool fiber is about 6 inches long when sheared from the sheep. The yarn is one continuous length with no knots. If you are planning a project that you need more yarn of this color, I can make you more yarn with the same dye lot. I yarn works great when knitting, crocheting, rug hooking, and/ or many other crafts.

  • Length: 190 Yards; Yarn weight: 2 Sport

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